Water Heaters – The Home Appliance For Your Hot Water Needs

Water heaters are a common household appliance that is often times taken for granted. Not a whole lot of thought is given to the metal tank that is commonly found in the garage or basement of your home. However, once you have a problem with yours, you are sure to notice how much comfort and convenience it brings to your life.  From Bock, Rudd, Renai and Paloma, there are many makes and manufacturers of water heating devices. There are also different types of such as tankless, also known as  point of use and the more commonly known, storage tank water heaters.

Tankless water heaters are growing in popularity with people who are looking to save on energy and money. Also called continuous flow, on demand or instant on demand types of water heating appliances. This type of unit heats water as it goes through the unit and does not store any water inside. In many homes, tankless models are installed in several locations or points of use. This is done because there are limits of how much water can be heated at one time and having more units makes it possible for homeowners to shower while someone else is washing dishes. home appliances marathahalli

Like anything, there are advantages and disadvantages to each type of water heater. Some advantages of using a tankless heater over the standard storage unit is energy savings. Typically, the tankless types do cost more upfront but their long term savings in energy and cost will make up for it in the end. Since the water is heated when it is needed, there is no need to constantly be heating up to 100 gallons of water. Tankless water heaters also take up less space, as they can be wall mounted and provide the home with unlimited amounts of hot water. Some disadvantages of the tankless kind, include a start up delay with a longer wait for hot water and a short delay, from 1-3 seconds, from the time the water flows to when the water heater’s flow detector activates the heating element. The key to determining what type of heater is right for your home is to weigh the pros and cons and decide upon what will work best with your lifestyle.

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